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  • Posted on:  Wednesday, 18 March 2015 00:00

To effectively and efficiently manage the day-to-day activities of Microbiology laboratory function by ensuring that microbiological tests are conducted consistently and accurately according to the sampling and testing regime. To ensure that the controlled documents and analytically data in the laboratory are correctly updated provided to the management in timely and accurate manner.  


1. Minimize inaccuracies in results by performing and reviewing the tests recorded on daily basis to be able to highlight the non-conformities on time.

2. Minimize the laboratory expenditures by efficiently planning the activities in the area of requirement to get maximum benefit of the spending and meet the set budgets.

3. Minimize the possibilities of testing errors due to methods / equipment / instrument by pro-actively suggesting changes in laboratory methods/ equipment’s etc. to bring about higher degree of confidence level of quality control tests in the laboratory.

4. Minimize instrument failures by planning instrument calibration / preventive maintenance schedules effectively in order to bring about higher degree of confidence level of quality control tests in the laboratory.

5. Minimize staff turnover by continually improving self and others skill levels of each individual and improving job satisfaction in the people to achieve minimum personnel turn over.

6. Maintain the highest level of health and Safety (H&S) standards in the section by carrying out H & S tasks to minimize 


1. Not more than three (3) major NCN’s either from internal customer or BSI.  

2. Laboratory expenses within budget, maximum of not more than 5% above budget.  

3. Excellent rating in proficiency testing      

4. Timely calibration of instruments and minimal test inaccuracies due to malfunctioning of instruments;.  

5. Not more than 20% personnel turnover per year.   

6. No critical remarks during (H & S ) safety audits. 


1. Perform and coordinate assigned testing of raw material, in-process products and finished products in accordance the methods, specification, regulatory standards and IPNC internal standards.

2. Planning for the instrument / equipment calibrations & keeping track on the equipment / instrument status in order to keep the equipment in the up to date with the calibration.

3. Highlighting product non-conformities to the management in timely manner for preventing on conforming product leaving the plant. Actively involved in the non-conformance investigation.  

4. Refining/ reviewing Lab methods and instructions in order to make suitable for the purpose and updating with the current analytical and good laboratory practices.

5. Controlling the laboratory operating expenditures through periodic monitoring and planning the expenditures

6. Managing the man power over time with the set budget by proper shift planning for the people to suit the business requirement.

7. Executing man power training and development plans across the section towards bringing about maximum possible flexibility through knowledge sharing.

8. Carrying out planned risk assessment, safety audits, H & S training's, awareness programs etc. as per the plan to achieve safety standards laid down by management.

9. Guiding and training the staff towards inculcating culture of better housekeeping and hygiene towards bring about clean and safe working environment for the employees working in laboratory.

10. Ensuring the analysis and testing in accordance with the relevant Manuals are properly carried out. 


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